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Develop and enact your strategic plan

Strategic planning can take a number of forms. Every organization has unique needs and goals, therefore every strategic plan will be different.


Whether you are a fledgling organization, an established group or a new collaborative initiative, KEM Consulting can help you identify your needs and focus on your priorities.

Scroll through the strategic planning areas below to see the services KEM Consulting offers.

Strategic planning

Strategic plans can take many forms based on the needs of your organization. These include long-term strategy statements, logic models that demonstrate how progressive actions will lead to sustained outcomes, and measurement tools that allow you to show the progress you are making to funders and members.


KEM Consulting will assist you in creating a customized strategic plan based on your organization’s unique needs.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kirsten for over 20 years. She is a true professional, a patient and excellent listener who can integrate complex ideas together while presenting them in an accessible way.


Her knowledge and experience in strategic planning, theory of change and collective impact analysis are assets to any visioning process.


Jackie Avent
Director of Sustainability,
FortWhyte Alive

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