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Photo credit: Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective


Kirsten with the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective,
exploring ways to address environmental impacts near Misipawistik Cree Nation.


Photo credit: Aerin Jacob

Kirsten presents information about
an environmental initiative to Gina McCarthy,
former Director of the Environmental Protection Agency
and the Honourable Catherine McKenna,
Canada's Minister for the Environment.

Experience and Approach

Kirsten Earl McCorrister is a seasoned professional with over twenty years’ experience in planning, facilitating, and writing.

Her areas of expertise include developing strategic plans, fundraising and writing grant proposals, defining theories of change, and facilitating collaborative and collective impact initiatives.

Examples of her work include:

  • Leading collective action on environmental issues such as community-based monitoring and data management

  • Planning, managing and evaluating programs including creating logic models, measuring outcomes and writing evaluation narratives

  • Providing facilitation, fundraising and administrative guidance and support to an emerging Indigenous collective

  • Co-creating a theory of change toolkit for the international development sector

  • Planning and executing a $1 million endowment campaign in cooperation with staff and volunteers

  • Using collective impact theory and consensus building techniques


She uses a collaborative approach that is grounded in mutual respect, reconciliation, and environmental and social justice.

Kirsten is based in Winnipeg and has worked on both regional and national projects.

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