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I worked with Kirsten on,
a toolkit that highlighted good practice in public engagement. Kirsten led the creation of the toolkit's theory of change.


Kirsten is someone who appreciates that meaningful collaboration can bring about ideas and actions that wouldn't be uncovered otherwise.


She is an intuitive and engaging facilitator who I would gladly work with again.

Sarah Power

Former National Coordinator,

Inter-Council Network (ICN)

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Define your
theory of change

The goals of every organization may be unique, but the conditions that we all live in are common.


Think about the change you are trying to make:

Improved health or welfare of children?

Ensuring accessible services exist for those with different abilities?

Restored health of a local eco-system?


While your organization has its unique mission, vision and values, you must examine the social, economic and political conditions that either enable or impede your organization’s success.

KEM Consulting will work with your organization to
help you better understand your context,
develop your own theory of change,
and create an outcomes framework
to address all the conditions that impact
your organization’s long-term success.

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