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KEM Consulting provides
affordable, professional consulting services
to not-for-profit groups,
Indigenous Nations and initiatives,
and small-scale organizations
to realize their
strategic and collaborative goals.

Work with your initiative's leadership to identify your vision, mission and values

Understand your context and define your

theory of change

Develop and implement your strategic plans, annual work plans, monitoring and evaluation techniques and fund development strategies

Enable your collaborative efforts and collective impact initiatives to build trust and set common objectives

Ensure you are making an impact with your clients, members and constituents through focus groups or interviews

About KEM Consulting

KEM Consulting supports organizations through the process of developing or enacting all aspects of their strategic plans, defining their theory of change, and enabling collaborative and collective impact initiatives.

Through facilitated sessions, creation of concrete tools and plans such as logic models, and through one-on-one mentoring and meetings with Boards or other organizational leadership, KEM Consulting will assist you as you increase your organization’s long-term effectiveness and impact.

Kirsten Earl McCorrister
Strategic Initiatives Consultant

With over twenty years’ experience in planning, facilitating, and writing, Kirsten has provided services for organizations and groups representing the international development and environmental sectors, Indigenous initiatives and faith-based communities.

She uses an approach that is grounded in mutual respect, reconciliation, and environmental and social justice.

Kirsten was an integral component to the successful creation and development of the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective.


Her attention to detail and ability to adapt to cultural protocol around the lake garnered her respect within our Indigenous Collective.


Gordon Bluesky,

Director of Land and Natural Resources, Fox Lake Cree Nation

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