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I've worked alongside Kirsten on a number of projects and have always found her input to advance critical thinking, dialogue and sound strategic direction.


Kirsten is an attentive facilitator that uses creative tools to bring out the experiences, expertise and input from the group.

Lindsay Telfer
National Project Director,
Canadian Freshwater Alliance


Photo credit: Sustainability Network

Kirsten gathers with
boreal forest experts in Manitoba.

Ensure you are making an impact with your clients, members or constituents

Strategic plans are only as good as the impact they are having. Sometimes organizations require a neutral party to assess the success of a particular program or the overall effectiveness of the organization. ‘Checking in’ with clients, members, funders or the public can help an organization understand how and where to focus their efforts moving forward.


Are you effectively implementing your vision and mission statements?

Are your values reflected in your interactions with stakeholders?

Where could you improve your interactions with your clients?


These types of questions can be explored through focus groups or a series of one-on-one interviews.

KEM Consulting will work closely with you to develop a questionnaire for stakeholder consultation and undertake focus groups or interviews to gain constructive feedback that you can integrate into your organization’s approach, in turn improving your impact and outcomes.

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